Boca Boca 250g 遠紅外線烘豆機 韓國原裝

BocaBoca 250g 遠紅外線烘豆機韓國原裝

  • Low noise, visible through the roasting process, antique design
  • Roast evenly with stirring blades
  • Adjusting the air hole makes it possible to adjust the coffee bean scent
  • High performance fan for rapid cooling
  • Roast evenly to the inside with far infrared rays
  • Made in Korea

Included cooler

Capacity: 30g – 200g (Roasting Coffee)

Power: 450W

Size : 13.3 x 6.7 x 8 in (340mm x 170mm x 203mm)


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Boca Boca 250g 遠紅外線烘豆機 韓國原裝

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