Victoria Arduino Eagle One E1 Prima PRO

  • 2.1-inch system monitoring touch screen

  • Three-stage extraction system

Pre-infusion, Infusion and Post-infusion, the three most important extraction processes, can all be set at different pressures.

  • Equipped with NEO (optimization engine system) and TERS (thermal energy recovery system)

Using the latest NEO technology, Eagle One can save at least 35% of electricity compared to traditional coffee machines, and can be started and preheated in 8 minutes a week.

  • Instant thermal brewing boiler

Made of stainless steel, with a capacity of only 140 ml, it only retains freshly heated brewing water to save energy.

  • high temperature steam

The high temperature last week (approximately 130-135 degrees) allowed the lactose in the milk to be divided into galactose and rhythm between carats, making the sweetness even more pronounced.

  • Automatic rinsing of the brewing head (auto-purge)

After brewing, the machine automatically rinses the brewing head filter

  • Electronically controlled steam hot water switch (wired steam)

The response is faster and more sensitive, and the frequency of maintenance is reduced. The anti-scalding design of the steam pipe allows users to steam and froth milk with confidence

  • Equipped with 1.5L water tank

It can be installed and used even in locations where there is no water source. Perfect for short-term events, markets or pop-up stalls. It can also be connected to a water source and can be changed to automatic water supply mode with simple settings.

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Victoria Arduino Eagle One E1 Prima PRO

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